Suffering from Ill Fitting or Loose Dentures?

You're not alone in your journey to find dentures that both fit and feel comfortable, while allowing you to eat and enjoy the foods you love. At Secure Smiles we know your pain and we've helped hundreds of patients overcome the exact same problem of loose fitting dentures in Beverly Hills!

We know your pain

Loose fitting dentures can be frustrating for denture wearers. Denture adhesives are only slightly helpful and can be such a hassle to keep using. Not to mention lower dentures seem to be more of a problem than upper dentures. At Secure Smiles we hear this far too often. If this sounds familiar to you, please continue reading.

Denture Fitting Visualization

Why can dentures feel loose?

Over time acrylic teeth will wear. As they wear, there is a lessening of cutting through food and more of a crushing through food. More force applied to masticate food over time, means looser dentures with sore and irritated gums under the denture.

Primary causes of loose or ill-fitting dentures:

  • Poorly made dentures worsening over time by eating
  • Jaw bones can change shape over time worsening denture fit
  • Dentures that don't meet correctly cause pressure releases around gums

Well made customized dentures with extremely hard premolar and molar denture teeth, wear very little. When positioned with great accuracy, dentures will cut through food easily, therefore, requiring less force. Very well fitting undersides of the denture spread the loads evenly, reducing sore spots.

Long & short term effects of loose or poorly fitting dentures

Chewing with our own natural teeth happens with no conscious effort. Eating with dental crowns and bridges also happens with no conscious effort. However, eating becomes a more self conscious effort when dentures are not fitting properly in the mouth. Removable dental work throws the whole system into a state of confusion if the base of the dental work is unstable. Eating and swallowing will become a conscious effort at this point.

Denture Wearer in Pain

Possible effects can include:

  • Areas of soreness and pain under the loose denture
  • Can cause sores in the mouth & possible nerve exposure
  • Eating becomes a more conscious effort
  • Some choose to bypass chewing completely

You can become aware that things aren't right when you have discomfort or pain. Short term effects of loose fitting dentures generally come in the form of pain and discomfort. Poorly distributed pressure whilst chewing can eventually lead to the development of sores in the gums. Pain can vary from a slight awareness all the way to severe pain if the bone loss is advanced and the dental nerve is pressed between the denture and the bone whenever eating is attempted. Longer term repercussions of sores under the gum can expose nerves in the jaw. If it gets to this point, denture wearers will end up in serious pain.

Are you self imposing dietary censorship or bypassing chewing completely?

Are you finding yourself studying the menu and choosing foods according to the degree of chewing necessary? If this sounds familiar, you are not alone! A lot of denture wearers start to choose foods that can be pressed against the palate or gums with the tongue instead of chewing their food. This is a vicious cycle that many denture wearers with ill fitting dentures find themselves within.

Effective chewing and good choices of food combinations can lead you back into the "no conscious effort" model of food eating and thus close the circuit.

Unhappy Man with Loose Fitting Dentures

What are your options for improvement?

Options for improvement can vary by what stage you're in with your transition into dentures. Your treatment options today depend on which category you fall into below:

If you're not yet in dentures:

If you are still transitioning form having few or many teeth which need to be cleared, this the perfect time to evaluate all of your options and select the best path forward for you. This is the perfect stage for a new beginning.

Complete denture wearer for longer than 12 months:

If you've been wearing dentures (with all teeth removed) for longer than 12 months, you are in the best position to evaluate your options. Options can include working with a prosthodontist to create a better fitting denture, or moving to a removable or fixed dental implant guided solution.

Denture wearer with teeth removed less than 4 months ago:

You are still in the healing phase and may need to wait a little longer before starting anything new right away. A consultation with a prosthodontist would be recommended to discuss a treatment plan moving forward. This is a great time to start planning both treatment options and financials.

Available treatment options for denture wearers at Secure Smiles

At Secure Smiles we specialize in replacing missing teeth. We have options for patients in all stages of the teeth replacement process. We offer:

Removable denture with no dental implants:

Removable Denture Illustration

The denture can be custom made according to your bone structure and are the most economical way to replace missing teeth. Highly trained prosthodontist Dr. Stuart Shlosberg, creates custom dentures that are one of the more accurate procedures done anywhere on the west coast. Creating properly fitting dentures takes time, patience, detail and accuracy. A mixture of artistry and engineering combine to bring the whole package together. There are 3 main principles at play for the best possible function for any denture wearer to have the best chance at success:

  • 1. Correct fit and denture extension
  • 2. Correct occlusion (how & where the teeth meet together)
  • 3. Choice materials for teeth (porcelain, composite or other)

One thing to keep in mind about dentures of any kind, is there can still be some soreness in the gums (particularly lower jaw), due to the denture resting on thin, diminished gum tissue because of previous bone loss. If these symptoms persist, it may be time to opt for a more stable solution via dental implants.

Removable denture retained by 4 dental implants:

Snap on Denture via All-on-4 Dental Implants

Dental implants can be placed at appropriate sites to help retain a removable denture, also referred to as a "Snap on Denture." Implants are placed at the correct sites and angulations to ensure accuracy of balance and function. The implants help prevent bone loss and to provide a stable foundation for the denture. The denture is held securely into place with snap on attachments and can easily be removed for cleaning purposes. This is often a great choice for upper teeth.

Fixed hybrid retained by 4-6 dental implants:

Denture Retained by 4-6 Dental Implants

Patients who are looking for a fixed implant option restoration generally choose the "Fixed hybrid or a fixed bridge" for their level of care. A "Hybrid" carries all missing teeth and is fixed into place by 4-6 dental implants. These implants are placed at specific sites and the hybrid is held securely into place using special titanium screws. The screwed in base is also composed of computer-milled titanium and made to fit for the long term. This level of care will provide a stable, secure restoration and is the ideal choice for missing complete teeth in the lower mouth.

Secure Smiles provides the ideal treatment option

The ideal treatment option is the "Secure Smiles Treatment" which represents the best tolerated treatment for denture wearers who need that next to normal teeth feeling. Snap-on custom horseshoe style cleanable implant denture for the upper, and a fixed implant bridge for the lower!

Secure Smiles will save you time, money and pain on your journey to better oral health. Dr. Stuart Shlosberg is a highly trained and experienced Prosthodontist who has been helping patients just like you for over 23 years.

Secure Smiles Services:

Denture Fittings
Removable Dentures
Dental Implants
Dentures Retained by 4 Implants
Fixed - Retained by 4-6 Implants

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