All-on-4® Implants

Cost: $12,750/arch*

- OR -
Single implants financed for as little as $116.50 / per month with approval

Third party financing as low as 0% interest. Approval Required.

Laugh & Smile With Confidence Again

*Offers Expire May 23, 2024, so book your consultation today!

Full Mouth Dental Implants Illustration

Beverly Hills Affordable Full Mouth Dental Implants (Fixed Dentures)

Secure Smiles has been the authority on the All-on-4® technology in Beverly Hills for 25+ years. Our full mouth dental implants procedure allows patients to eat anything they want, live a normal life & smile with confidence!

Full Mouth Dental Implants Pricing List

Complete denture wearers will benefit hugely with a choice of any of the treatments listed below.

Book Now! Pricing Ends May 23, 2024

Pricing ends May 23, 2024 for fixed denture (All on 4) and Implant retained removable denture (Snap in). Please Note: Extractions are not included in the following pricing. Extractions will need to be evaluated on a cases by case basis.

Secure Smiles Consultation

Free 45 minute prosthodontic implant consultation including CT scan


Denture retained by and snaps on 2 implants

Final denture in place in 3 days


Denture retained by and snaps on to 4 implants

Final denture in place in 3 days


All-On-4 FIXED denture ("permanent teeth") initial new temporary denture*

Replaces existing complete denture (our CT scan will confirm feasibility). *Upgrade after 6 months to final choice of permanent treatment.


4-5 Implants

Easy full financing with zero down and low low payments.
Fast decisions for these life altering treatments.
We have high approval rates!

Why All-On-4 Implants?

  • A permanent “fixed” solution

  • Allows you to eat enthusiastically & comfortably

  • Allows you to speak easily and enunciate well

  • Gives you a greater self confidence

  • Prevents bone loss & jaw “shrinking”

  • No dietary restrictions needed

  • No refitting or special care required

  • Aesthetics can be changed in the future if desired

* Cost of full arch All-on-4 treatment does not include a final prosthesis that will need to be placed once mouth has healed. Extra charges will apply.

Dentures Vs. Implants

Prevent Premature Aging with Implants

Implants act just like regular teeth that adhere to the jaw bone. Whether your missing a single tooth, multiple teeth or are a denture wearer, dental implants will help prevent bone loss!

Call for your free consultation:

Typical Bone Loss from Dentures

Before & After Bone Loss on Jaw

Bone Structure with Implants

Real Patients Before & After Dental Implants
Exceptional Patient Results

How Dental Implants Can Change Your Life

Change the way people see you.
Give you greater self confidence.
Allow you to eat enthusiastically and comfortably. 

Highly Recommended & Highly Trained

Our Beverly Hills Dental Implants specialist, Dr. Stuart Shlosberg, is a certified prosthodontist and accredited specialist in the field of tooth replacement. Our practical, lifetime solutions will enhance your appearance, improve your self-assurance and give you freedom to eat the foods you love.

Dr. Stuart Shlosberg

Highly trained prosthodontist
Harvard Educator
USC Lecturer

Beverly Hills Dental Implants Specialist - Dr. Stuart Shlosberg
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"Had a great experience with Dr. S. I came in with four rotten teeth on top. Not enjoying life at all. In one day they took out 4 teeth, bone graft, put in 4 implants AND I left with a full set of teeth!! The surgeon was very professional and had light hands. All with no pain the following day!! I AM SO INCREDIBLY HAPPY with my smile. I can actually eat anything I want without fear of loosing another tooth. Totally recommend Dr. S! I haven't stopped smiling and showing off 😁"

- Michelle
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"My 90 year old father recently had a full set of porcelain dentures made by Dr. Shlosberg and he could not be happier with the outcome. Once the dentures were complete, Dr. Shlosberg had us make several visits to ensure the fit and comfort were perfect, and he takes his time to explain the process and makes you feel extremely comfortable. My father is now able to cut food with his teeth and chew everything. Another plus, Dr. Shlosberg is prompt, we never had to wait more than 5 minutes after our appointment time. Thank you Dr. Shlosberg!"

- Mary
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Prime Beverly Hills Dental Office Location

Specialist Planning and Treatment by a Prosthodontist and a Periodontal Surgeon. 

We are a prosthodontic dental practice in Beverly Hills dedicated to providing affordable implants and restorative work delivered by specialists! Our office is located at 414 N. Camden Dr. #925 in the now famous medical building two blocks west of Rodeo Drive and just north of Wilshire Blvd.

Smiling Woman with Dental Implants - All on Fours

Complimentary Consultation & Treatment Plan

(A $500 Value)