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Secure Smiles Specializes in
All-on-Four Permanent Teeth in One Day

One Life Changing Day!

For those of our patients who either have existing complete dentures, or those who are transitioning to complete arch tooth extractions - our Prosthodontist and Implant Surgeon team at Secure Smiles is proud to offer the "All-on-4" permanent teeth in one day procedure.
In our 1 day process you come in with your broken, decayed or loose teeth or existing dentures and leave with beautiful, natural looking permanently fixed teeth.

Our plan includes:

  • Sedation
  • Oral surgery
  • All the prosthodontics necessary to provide you with your new smile

Secure Smiles Beverly Hiils is one of a handful of prosthodontic offices in the states that has the inhouse specialty team to provide this breakthrough treatment for the denture wearer. The inhouse team means your dental work is all completed in one day.

Your check list:

At SecureSmiles we have the four essential elements for your life changing day.

These are the essential elements needed:

  • Maxillofacial 3D CT imaging on site
  • Specialist Oral Maxillo- facial surgeon
  • Specialist Prosthodontist
  • In House Dental laboratory specializing in All on 4

Add to this:

Our "we take care of everything" service.

4 dental implants are placed in our Beverly Hills surgical suite

All on 4 fixed bridges are finished the same day.

A sneak peek into how we make it happen:

  • You arrive in the early morning at our implant center.
  • We conduct a 3D dental CT scan.
  • Our specialty team plan your treatment using advanced 3D proprietary software
  • We make a dry run of the surgery using the latest virtual treatment planning software.
  • The Oral surgery team places the dental implants according to the plan.
  • The Prosthodontic team perfects your beautiful new smile.
  • The inhouse laboratory gives the final touches.
  • You take a well earned break.
  • You go home with a fabulous new Secure Smile.
  • Your smile is complete just in time for dinner.

Call 310-278-6630 for your free CT 3D scan and evaluation.