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All on 4 Before & After

This patient of Dr. Shlosberg received a Prettau bridge (an "All-on-4" Implant Denture).

Are You Missing Several or All of Your Teeth?

If you are missing many, or all of your teeth, dental implants can solve the challenges you currently face. We all know how much of a pain traditional dentures can often become. This is why Secure Smiles has brought together a team of highly skilled professionals to focus on a more secure approach: implant supported dentures - Commonly known as "All-on-4's." Our Beverly Hills Prosthodontist, Dr. Stuart Shlosberg can give you a new set of beautiful and fully functioning teeth in just one visit!

Larry's Experience With His Implant Dentures (Commonly Known as All-on-4)


Plan, Place & Restore All in One Location With Dr. Stuart Shlosberg

Dr. Shlosberg received his dental training in England and maintained a private practice in London’s West End before continuing his training at the University of Indiana where he specialized in Prosthodontics. He was appointed to full-time academic positions in restorative dentistry at Harvard University School of Dentistry, Boston and the University of Southern California over the subsequent eight years.

Dr. Shlosberg’s private practice in Beverly Hills is devoted solely to prosthodontics and implant dentistry, focusing on planning, placing, restoring and maintaining dental implants. He has been exclusively in Beverly Hills prosthodontic practice for over ten years.

Beverly Hills Dentures Specialist Dr. Shlosberg

The REMOVABLE approach:

Dental implants eliminate the slipping, irritation, maintenance, adhesives and pain associated with “floating” removable dentures. With dental implants, your dentures will “snap” into place causing them to feel much more like natural teeth. Did you know that 80% of a conventional upper denture is only there to provide the suction to hold them in place? This 80%, which includes the palate and a good deal of the peripheral flanges, can be removed when “snap like” attachments are used on dental implants to secure the dentures. This 20% is the cosmetic and “business part” of the denture.

The FIXED approach:

  1. Dental implants are placed to replace the missing tooth roots. The implant remains covered underneath the gum for approximately 2-6 months while the bone grows around the titanium.
  2. The implants are uncovered and abutments are attached, creating the foundation for your new teeth.
  3. Your new teeth, crafted to the optimal size, shape, color and fit to blend with your facial characteristics, are placed on the abutments, and a conventional fixed bridge is made in the normal way.

The HYBRID approach:

Alternatively, a “Hybrid” carries all missing teeth and is fixed into place by the prosthodontist. These are never removed and give a most natural feeling of being able to forget about your past history of lost teeth! This is really a life changing experience for our patients.

The "All On 4" Technique

At Secure Smiles™ we specialize in this immensely successful immediate loading technique from Nobel Biocare. Four to six implants support all upper or lower teeth at the time of implant placement. This is the best method for transitioning from teeth extractions to fixed implant supported teeth, or transitioning from removable dentures to a fixed implant-supported. A remarkable advance in dentistry is now a routine procedure at Secure Smiles™. Please ask our specialists for details on this technique.

Same Day Full Teeth Replacement
Custom Preattau Bridge

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