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Single Tooth Replacement

Dental implants are a popular and permanent method for single tooth replacement. Get the look, feel and function of real teeth!

Multiple Tooth Replacement

Implant supported bridges are an excellent method for multiple tooth replacement. Timing is essential to prevent bone deterioration.

Full Teeth Replacement

Traditional dentures do very little to prevent bone deterioration. Learn more about the secure "all-on-four" implant procedure today.

Plan, Place & Restore All In One Location

Secure Smiles offers a complete, long-term solution for people with missing or damaged teeth, all in one location…no running around from one office to another. Whether you’ve lost a single tooth or require multiple teeth replacement, Secure Smiles has the specialized team to ensure your restored, confident smile. Our practical, lifetime solutions will enhance your appearance, improve you self-assurance and give you freedom to eat your favorite foods.

Why Secure Smiles is a Leading Tooth Replacement Office

Personalized, professional service from attentive dental experts.

A clear, definitive treatment plan to fully meet your dental implant needs.

The very latest, proven technology.

Let specialists give you the benefit of their experience.

Professional, pleasant and understanding staff in making your new smile a reality.


How Dental Implants Will Change Your Life

Change the way people see you

Give you greater self confidence

Allow you to eat enthusiastically and comfortably.

Our Beverly Hills Office & Our Philosophy

Specialist Planning and Treatment by a Prosthodontist and a periodontal Surgeon. 

We are a prosthodontic dental practice in Beverly Hills dedicated to providing affordable implants and restorative work delivered by specialists! Our office is located at 414 N. Camden Dr. #925 in the now famous medical building two blocks west of Rodeo Drive and just north of Wilshire Blvd.

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