Beverly Hills Dental Implant specialist with years of training and postgraduate education in dental implants

Dr. Shlosberg has spent many years of advanced training in addition to his dental education; focusing on dental implants and cosmetic procedures. His experience and commitment to patients yield beautiful results every time. Using a balanced combination of science and artistry, every day he is changing lives by making your smile become your most prized asset.

His goal is to make beautiful, attractive and healthy world-class smiles available to every person  who wants one.

Plan, Place and Restore all in one location with confidence!

Secure Smiles™ offers a complete, long-term solution for people with missing or damaged teeth, all in one location! No running around from one office to another. Whether you’ve lost a single tooth or require multiple teeth replacement, Secure Smiles™ has the specialized team at your convenience to ensure your restored, confident smile. Our practical, lifetime solutions will enhance your appearance, improve your self-assurance and give you freedom to eat your favorite foods.

Why Secure Smiles™ has been the leading Beverly Hills Dental Implant office for over 10 years:

  • Personalized, professional service from attentive dental experts.
  • A clear, definitive treatment plan to fully meet your dental implant and restorative needs.  Fees are quoted upfront, and never change.
  • The very latest, proven technology, including digital x-rays. Sedation is given during all surgical procedures.
  • Let our specialists give you the benefit of their experience.
  • Professional, pleasant and understanding staff to assist you in making your new smile a reality.
  • Affordable fees for dental implants allowing our patients to realize the benefits of dental implant treatment, right now.

How Dental Implants will Change Your Life:

  • Change the way people see you, and how you see yourself.
  • If you wear a denture, you can now kiss it goodbye forever.
  • You will be surprised, how your food selections at restaurants will change, once you have the confidence to forget about your teeth problems!
  • Give you greater self-confidence.
  • Allow you to eat enthusiastically and comfortably.

“As always the expertise and professionalism were great.” – B. Robertson Los Angeles, CA
“You have exceeded your and my goals. All my visits are excellent and extremely professional and yet friendly.”  – V. Wilkins Marina Del Rey, CA